Training Tips
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Forthcoming events & schedule updates
April 24
  Norcal Systema Monthly
Santa Rosa, CA
Learn the way of the Russian Sword!
  •  Basics & variables of cossack shashka applications.
  •  Recovering natural mobility for combative skills.
  •  Enhanced tension control in bare hands striking.
  •  Hidden qualities of cossack blades.
May 29
  Norcal Systema Monthly
Santa Rosa, CA
Systema for handgun training.
  •  Fundamentals & variables of point shooting.
  •  Training methodology for instinctive accuracy.
  •  Weapon retention vs disarming: chess or poker?!
  •  Stress impact reduction & adaptive mobility
June 26
  Norcal Systema Monthly
Santa Rosa, CA
Breath & Body work for firearm practitioners
  •  Systema breath & body work to reduce specific stress effects
  •  Express recovery & rejuvenation from stress induced tension
  •  Tissues impact, bodyweight & percussive massage
  •  Practical methods of instant & cumulative tension relief