Taking punches
by Demetry Furman
This is something I sort of developed on my own while explaining to people how to take a punch to the body. With the ultimate goal being; to take a
punch to any part of the body and to be able to breath in to the affected area to negate the effect of the punch.
Learning how to breath properly while being hit is the trick to dealing with being hit. A partner pushing a fist in to the stomach, to simulate a strike,
while the student breathes out and pushes their stomach out to meet the punch is the first introduction all new students get to strikes. As the
student progresses the pushes become punches eventually leading to full on strikes with any object either than a blade.
The problems arise when students tense up, mostly out of fear and preconceived notions, instead of breathing properly. I've come up with an
exercise in order to teach those that have this fear of how to breath properly when being hit in the body.
Stand against a wall facing it, lean slightly forward so that your stomach is making contact. Very easily done for those who are gifted with a physique
such as mine . Don't arch the back maintain form. Then exhale sharply and push yourself off the wall utilizing only your stomach. The expansion of
the abdominal muscle is how you should be moved off the wall. That same expansion is what you want to feel when getting hit.
Next step, lie down on the floor on your stomach and bounce yourself of the ground utilizing the same abdominal muscles. Eventually you want to
be able to bounce yourself of the ground regardless of the type of breathing your doing, including not breathing while the lungs are empty.
This exercise helped me developed the ability to take strikes to the body and taught me to focus my energy into one spot, on any part of my body.
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