Multiple Attackers
by Emmanuel Manolakakis
A student can face many of his or her fears head on if taught how to deal with multiple attackers properly. If done improperly a student’s fears and
false perceptions will remain.
Here are some steps that might help those students struggling in dealing with multiple attackers.
Step 1
Objective –breathing and moving
  Working with 2 partners, have each walk towards you from a distance and different directions. Step out of the way with one calm movement,
not several small ones. Add proper breathing (In/out or Out/in). Do not try to hold your breathe!
Step 2
Objective – breathing and moving plus a different variable
  Once you’ve reached a level of comfort and can move freely with both partners, have them change from walking to kicking or punching. Start
slowly and from a distance, increase the speed and decrease distance as your confidence and comfort grow.
Step 3
Objective – breathing, moving and touching
  If you’ve managed to keep your breathing in tack, a good posture, calm demeanor then your ready for the next step. Start to touch your
partners as they pass by you. Remember to just touch, do not strike! You should also be connecting your movements more and be in a
constant state of movement.
Step 4
Objective – breathing, moving, touching and thinking
  Pay attention to your position when you move from partner to partner. Limit the time that you are between then equally. Instead try to have
them cross or interfere with each other - disrupt their movement and strengthen own. If you have any spare energy, start to pay attention to
your partner’s body dynamics as you touch them.
Step 5
Objective - breathing, moving, thinking, striking and emotions associated with strikes.
  Now change touching to striking. Remember that strikes should come as a result of good movement and generate from the body. Do not
be aggressive or want to hit too much, just let it come naturally.

Things to consider:
Do not try to recreate a fight; you will never honestly be able too.
Start slowly until you feel comfortable, only then increase the speed and complexity of your movements.
Always maintain proper posture, but more so with multiple attackers.
Think about moving, not about competing.
You are developing the body’s ability to filter a wide variety of information while moving.
If you get confused or tense, always go back to the beginning and start over. Do not skip steps.
This is suppose to frustrate you, so don’t beat yourself up. Laugh, smile and have fun!!
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